Markeidric Walker: A Young Artist With An Old Soul

You may be familiar with Markeidric Walker's work through various mediums, whether it's through his visual or physical artistry. He's worked with the likes of Mike Will Made It, done apparel collaborations, and has been published in media outlets such as The Source, Complex Magazine, HYPEBEAST, and more. He is a strong believer in doing things in a traditional manner as far as art is concerned. Some would classify him as a student of the game because of his in-depth knowledge on classical art. We sat down with Markeidric to get a little insight on his style of art, fashion and his creative process. 

Starting off with art, you've been doing a lot of landscapes lately. Why is that?

Well, really I'm doing it so I can make money. Of course I like landscapes but it's just a way to make money as a painter. They're pretty decorative for people's homes. Easy way to make money as an artist.

Is there a reason you go more classical than abstract with your style of art?

Yeah, my whole life, I was trained classically so I've always been studying classical painters and over time, I took drawing to the next step.

Why oil over acrylic?

One reason, all of the people that I studied when I was little, they were all oil painters and then another reason is because it was the second medium of art known, after egg tempera.

Right now, it's not the easiest to contact you [laughs], is there a reason as to why you have no phone?

I don't have a phone because I broke my phone. I can get a new phone but I really don't want one. I've had a bunch of phones that I keep breaking so I've just been feeling like, it's a sign telling me to slow down on the technology. 

You think it's making a difference in your work and creative process?

Yeah, for sure. That's the one reason I don't want to have a phone, so I can focus on my work and stay off social media.

Switching gears, how important is fashion in your life?

Fashion as an industry is cool but I think I like style more than fashion but I guess it goes hand in hand. Since I was young, I've been studying fashion of different time periods because it's always been important for me to dress appropriate for all my different situations and scenarios. It's like a hobby that goes hand in hand with my career.



How do you feel about the current state of fashion? What do you like and what don't you like about it?

I like that fashion is really heavy on highlighting classic and fine art. What I don't like about fashion is the disposable-ness that it has and the lack of, maybe not individuality, but the lack of substance or value. 

People don't really know what they like so they like everything. So now, everything's a trend instead of the right things being a trend. 

What was your favorite trend in the past 10 years?

[Uhh] Skinny jeans. That was the biggest transition. I feel like after skinny jeans, everything made sense. Anything with skinny jeans made the outfit better, at the time. Not just skinny but fit jeans in general.

What was a trend that you hated the most?

The painter jeans with the splatter. The painter clothing. Fake distress. I hate the fake working clothes, like fake construction or fake paint splatter. All of that, because it looks fake. The tour tees and stuff like that. Everyone was doing it. None of ya'll even listen to rock music [laughs].

You tend to work with different music artists: Mike Will Made It, Rihanna, Lil Yachty, Fat Man Key, just to name a few. How often do you get projects from artists in the music industry?

[Uhh] Probably about once or twice a year.

Do they usually come to you?

Yeah, usually. Most times they come to me through friends and other connections.

Tell me more about your role with Mike Will's last project Ransom 2.

I was pretty much the visual artist. I helped figure out the concept for his album cover and I actually did the painting of his jacket on the cover as well. I also did an actual painting of his album cover as well, that we're still working on. 

Before we end this out, I want to talk films because I know you're big on movies. What's your favorite movie of all time?

Of all time? Probably Basquiat, honestly. I know that's cliche [laughs]. A lot of movies I watch them because they shape my living and a lot of them shaped my childhood.

You think things like Basquiat inspire the way you dress? It's elements of the 80's of 90's in your style.

Yeah, for sure. Definitely. I think since I watch a lot of movies, I'm really aware of costume design. Costume design affecting true times and things people do because you can tell how or who someone is by the way they are dressed. A painter that's being really true, you can tell he's a painter by how he's dressed. Or even an athlete, or a doctor. Most people that are good at what they do, dress for success or for their certain occasion. Or as people say, "you dress for the job you want."

Lastly, any goals this year?

[Hmm] I had a resolution. The goal was just to, I guess, start selling more product on website and do more business on my website. Working on getting more professional. 


  • I c o n i c

    Steven Buret
  • Truly proud of you bro. You have a gift and you have harnessed it congratulations on your success my brotha! #SkinnyMuscles

    Corinthian Lyles
  • The guy is a legend!!

  • You are bound to become famous. You deserve it. As one of my students, I knew you were a true artist. Phillis

    Phillis Bostar

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